We’ve done the research and have found the best combination of plugins, server configurations, and settings for website security.  We put this research to good use by implementing these security measures into every website we build. Below is a short list of the steps that we take to secure a website properly and prevent your business’ website from being hacked.

1. Strong Password Enforcement

Sounds simple right? You might be surprised at how many people refuse to use strong passwords for their administrative accounts.  We circumvent this issue by requiring all website admin accounts to utilize strong passwords. If your admin password doesn’t comply with our security standards, our system will simply ask you to create a stronger password.

2. Top Website Security Plugins & Extensions

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve found an excellent combination of website security plugins that prevent hackers from accessing your website.  Below is a short list of features that we provide for every website we manage:
  • Web application firewall
  • Brute-force protection
  • Access to website admin panel only for specific IP addresses
  • Country blocking (block users from a specific country)
  • Spam comment filters
  • Contact form spam filters
  • 2 step logins

3. Scheduled website backups

Everyone has lost data at one point in their life.  Imagine completely losing your company website due to a hacker.  Bit Visual’s monthly backup system prevents website this type of data loss by providing a full backup of your website 2 times a month.  Each backup is stored on 2 different off-site servers – giving you multiple disaster recovery options.

4. Web server security configuration

Most people don’t realize that there are multiple layers of access to every website.  In most cases, you have 2 entry points that need to be secured: your website admin panel, and your web server.  Hackers often look for vulnerabilities in the website server itself, mainly because if you have access to the server, you have access to everything.  We secure all of our servers by using the latest releases of security patches, locking out all IP addresses except for administrator accounts, and more.

5. Scheduled website security scans & reporting

All websites managed by us are scanned on a weekly basis.  After each scan, and email is sent to us with alerts about what files have been changed on your website.  If something looks fishy, we’ll know immediately and take the proper steps to investigate the issue.  In addition to this, we’re also alerted in real time if someone has logged into your website that shouldn’t be.  As a Bit Visuals customer, you have the option to receive these same notifications if desired.

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