Bit Visuals uses the most popular website platform available today; WordPress. With best in class design, WordPress is the obvious choice for businesses of all sizes. Which is why Bit Visuals primarily provides custom programming and theme design for WordPress websites. WordPress websites are built to withstand the test of time, allowing for simple automatic updates for security and loading speed.

If you’re looking to sell 100 or more products online, we wouldn’t recommend WordPress.  Bit Visuals recommends a platform specifically designed for eCommerce.  Head over to the eCommerce page for more details.

Below are a few things that WordPress is commonly used for:

  • Websites with exclusive member benefits
  • Informational websites / Corporate websites
  • Small to mid sized company websites
  • Blogs / Media portals
  • Websites that offer up to 50 different products online

There’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard of a WordPress based website.  It’s the most popular website platform by a long-shot at the moment, and there are many reasons why:

1. Website Security & Stability

With Bit Visuals every WordPress website is properly secured by the best security plugins available for WordPress.  We use security plugins that provide a web application firewall, block brute force attacks, and regularly scan your website for potential threats.  View a complete rundown of what we do to protect your website from hackers.

2. Constant updates from the WordPress database

WordPress will often automatically update your website to the newest released version to provide usability improvements, security patches, and more.  Every now and then WordPress requires a manual update, which usually takes about 30 minutes to implement.

3. Customers can update their content themselves

WordPress includes an easy to use admin dashboard that makes it simple to update content throughout your website.  Just log in, find the page that needs to be updated, and make your edits.  Not looking to manage your website yourself? Choose Bit Visuals and we’ll implement the updates for you.

4. Fast website loading speeds

With every WordPress website design, we include a website speed plugin that optimizes your website and makes it lighting quick.

5. WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Our WordPress SEO services are centered around ensuring that each page of your website is properly optimized for your target keywords.  Title tags, heading tags, image alt tags – these are just a few things that we look at when optimizing your WordPress website for Google and Bing.

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