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Website Migration Services for the DFW Metroplex

Looking to move your website to a different server or hosting company?  We can handle it.  We offer fast and reliable website migration services that will keep 100% of your data in tact, with minimal website downtime during the migration process.  We’ll even provide you with a brand new web server located in Dallas TX with excellent support and uptime.  Even if you already have a new hosting company ready to host your website, we can still take care of the website migration for you.

The benefits of moving your website to a new server could be:

  • Save money on your hosting bill without sacrificing website speed / load times.
  • Move your website to a more secure server.
  • The need for a website that loads faster.
  • More reliable website uptime.
  • Change of website ownership.
  • Frequent website backups to help protect your website investment.



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Our entire team is located within the DFW metroplex.  In Mansfield, TX to be more specific.  No need to worry about connecting with someone over seas.  We believe in the good old fashioned “Made in the USA” way.  So if you’re looking to improve your online presence, give us a call, we’d love to speak with you.


At BitVisuals, we believe that multiple things determine what a quality website is.  Clean design, a clear initiative, and a lead driven focus.  High quality websites do more than just “look good”.  They produce results for your business and clearly give you a nice return on investment.

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