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Nublu Energy Joomla Website Design

Built in August of 2014, Josh at Nublu Energy wanted a website built with Joomla since he was familiar with the administration area.  I obliged and built the website based on the Gantry framework.  The website features a stock ticker near the top of every page, along with a basic contact form and 3d rendered images.  A simple and straightforward responsive website design.


From Nublu Energy:

NuBlu is in the business of providing energy in the form of LNG.  Our patented liquefaction technology allows us to make a gallon of LNG at a price that is competitive with larger scale facilities.  Our small footprint gives us the flexibility to build on any location compared to larger traditional technologies.  One of the biggest costs today in acquiring LNG is the transport of the fuel to the needed location.  We have the ability to provide LNG closer to the end user and thus lower or virtually eliminate those transport costs.  Our technology also allows us to grow with the local and regional needs.  We can scale our facilities from 10,000 to 1,000,000 gallons per day if the pipeline capacity is available.  Very simply, our goal is for everyone to have a local and reliable supply of LNG.


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