Monster Clutch Co. Website Design

Website Design, e-Commerce, SEO, Call to Action, Logo Design


Monster Clutch Co. e-Commerce Website Design


  • Responsive Design – Optimized for desktops, tablets, & mobile devices
  • Over 250 products with images, descriptions, & multiple product options
  • Takes only 2 steps to launch a site-wide sale
  • Role based distributor discounts.
  • Log in with your distributor account & automatically see discounted prices. Dealers can re-stock just by logging in and ordering.
  • Optimized for loading speed on a shared server: Minimal server costs, FAST loading speed.
  • Call-To-Action forms for lead generation, and more!


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About this project

Over the years the Monster Clutch Co. website has gone through 3 different website re-designs, all developed by BitVisuals.  The first version of the website was fully custom and built from scratch in HTML & CSS.  For the second version, we used an e-commerce platform called “Magento”.  Finally, the third and current version uses an e-commerce solution called “Opencart”.

From the very beginning of developing the 3rd version of the website, I knew that this version needed to be versatile, and easy to update.  I started the website design with a huge focus on product presentation and organization.  With over 200 new product variations, I knew that organization was key to making the website successful.  After spending numerous hours organizing the product names, prices, and descriptions, I imported the products into the website and got started on the rest of the website design.  I knew that this was the definitive way to build a library of products for e-commerce websites.

The next step was the design and SEO.  A simplistic yet engaging design was created for category and product pages with the sole focus of presenting information clearly to the viewer.  Once that was finished, all of my focus shifted to Search Engine Optimization.  Keywords and keyword phrases were implemented in all alt tags, heading tags, title tags, and more.

The website launched in December of 2014, and is now one of the most successful websites ever designed by BitVisuals.