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Over 15 years of professional graphic design and web design experience.

Based in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex

While BitVisuals was created in 2012, we’ve been designing websites and graphics for over 15 years and loving every bit of it.  Located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, we’re a full-service internet marketing company with a main focus on web design for small to mid-sized businesses.  Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen hundreds of businesses come to us looking to refresh their brand, or simply improve upon their current online presence.  Our passion for web design and results has always been the driving factor of our ability to bring success to our client’s marketing plans.

Below are a few reasons why our clients continue to contact BitVisuals for their internet marketing needs:

  • An Easy to Understand and Proven Process
  • Excellence in Design Standards
  • Clear and Friendly Communication
  • Clients are Able to Consistently Speak with Developers
  • Projects Finished in a Timely Manner

Who is BitVisuals?  View Mark Frazee’s online resume.


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Open 9am - 6pm Central Time

Call today and talk to a developer immediately. No wait times, no automated phone system. Contact us any time. All designers are located in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.


Our entire team is located within the DFW metroplex.  In Mansfield, TX to be more specific.  No need to worry about connecting with someone over seas.  We believe in the good old fashioned “Made in the USA” way.  So if you’re looking to improve your online presence, give us a call, we’d love to speak with you.


At BitVisuals, we believe that multiple things determine what a quality website is.  Clean design, a clear initiative, and a lead driven focus.  High quality websites do more than just “look good”.  They produce results for your business and clearly give you a nice return on investment.

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