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There’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard of a WordPress based website.  It’s the most popular website platform by a long-shot at the moment, and there are many reasons why:

  • Secure & stable
  • Constant updates from the WordPress database
  • Excellent framework
  • Easy to use administration area
  • Customers can add new content to the website themselves
  • Easy to migrate from one server to another
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly plugins
  • Wide selection of themes and frameworks
  • Wide selection of plugins

You may be thinking “I’m not exactly sure what all of that means”.  Well here’s a basic rundown.  Wordpress has grown in popularity exponentially within the last 5 years, simply because it’s that good.  It’s easy to use, widely supported by developers, and has the most friendly administration area for content managers.  Customers like it because if they need to change something on their website, they can simply log in and make the change themselves.

WordPress is not for every business though.  If you’re looking to sell 100 or more products online, we wouldn’t recommend WordPress.  We would recommend a platform specifically designed for ecommerce.  Head over to our ecommerce page for more details.

Below are a few things that WordPress is commonly used for:

  • Websites with exclusive member benefits
  • Informational websites / Corporate websites
  • Small to mid sized company websites
  • Blogs / Media portals
  • Websites that offer up to 50 different products online


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Our entire team is located within the DFW metroplex.  In Mansfield, TX to be more specific.  No need to worry about connecting with someone over seas.  We believe in the good old fashioned “Made in the USA” way.  So if you’re looking to improve your online presence, give us a call, we’d love to speak with you.


At BitVisuals, we believe that multiple things determine what a quality website is.  Clean design, a clear initiative, and a lead driven focus.  High quality websites do more than just “look good”.  They produce results for your business and clearly give you a nice return on investment.

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